Drone Photography

High above your home or corporate campus we will make you stand out.


When it is time to show off your real estate or corporate campus, we will work with you to find the best view and provide a dynamic and exciting view for you to use in your marketing material or corporate videos. Our high end drones offer us the ability to take incredibly detailed and high resolution images for you to use.

Finding the right pilot is key to your project. Ken is licensed and trained in ways to provide the best ariel photography you can get from anywhere.

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Our drone photography allows us to showcase your business in a beautiful ariel way.

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Our residential drone photography will give your development projects a whole new view.

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Real Estate

Our real estate drone photography allows us to do the most important thing, sell your home.


Using the latest technology and having a full FAA drone pilot license allows Ken to take your projects to new heights.
We will work with you to show off your company or real estate in ways you did not think possible.

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Frequently asked questions about drone photography

Is Drone Photography Services licensed by the FAA? And if yes, are you licensed to do this so we don’t get in trouble?

Yes, legally you must have an FAA Part 107 license to fly a drone and provide images or videos for commercial clients. Ken love has been licensed for 4 years and does an average of 15 or more drone shoots per week for hundreds of real estate agents and commercial clients.

How high can your drones or UAV’s fly?

Under FAA regulations, we are allowed to fly from ground level up to a maximum altitude of 400ft. The rules also allow me to fly 400 ft. Above a building I may be shooting.

What about flying in wind and rain?

We can’t fly in very high wind or rain. We can fly on most windy days and even with a light sprinkle but expect your drone shoot to be rescheduled for bad weather.

What about flying in cold or freezing weather?

Our drones will fly in cold temperatures. In very cold weather, we make sure the battery packs are warmed and kept warm before flying. The maximum drone flight times on one battery of 24 minutes can be reduced by up to 50% in very cold temperatures.

How long can you fly?

The maximum flight time on a single battery in normal conditions is up to 30 minutes. On average, we fly up to 22 minutes before landing and changing the battery. We carry spare pre-charged batteries on each shoot. It only takes a few minutes to change the battery and get back in air. So we are able to do multiple shoots a day or at one location.

If we hire you to do Drone work, do you do the shoot? Or send a 3rd party?

No, only FAA licensed pilot Ken Love will be operating any drone if you hire us for a drone shoot. Each of our UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) are registered with the FAA and Ken Love personally does all drone shoots himself.

It’s confusing the different acronyms for drones - what do they all mean?

Here are the most common ones:
SUA – small unmanned aircraft (used by the FAA)
SUSA - small unmanned surveillance aircraft
UAV - unmanned aerial vehicle (used by the FAA)
RPA – remotely piloted aircraft
RPAS - remotely piloted aircraft system
UAS – unmanned aircraft systems
UA - unmanned aircraft
You often see them before or after the word drone – UAV drone or drone UAV

Do you have insurance?

Yes, all drone flights are covered under my business insurance.

Do you have back up drones in case of a problem on site?

Yes, I come to all shoots with 2 drones in case of any issues.

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